5 Interesting Facts about Pillows that you probably haven’t heard

As a person who takes sleep over kinky (my dog), you can assume how much I love sleeping. Grabbing my pillow by its scruff and sneaking inside the warm blanket is everything I need for a good Sunday.

During my long and illustrious sleeping career, I have got various pillows and blankets along with covers to go with. Just like any apparel, I like to change my pillows and covers a lot.

Surprised? What if I told you I’m not alone.

Well, according to Statista, US market has seen an average expenditure of $3.65 per unit. And the numbers have always been consistent.

Here is the thing:

The little thing that stays under your head is more than just a piece of comfort. I’m going to break down 5 facts about pillows that you probably didn’t know

Pillow used to question the masculinity of a man


The history of a pillow dates back to 7000 B.C when it was a luxurious item made for just the rich. Unlike the modern pillow, it used to firm made by just stones. They were primarily used in England by women who were in labor. They were rarely used by men as its usage was reflected to sign of a weakness.

Pillows aren’t for New Borns

Well, this did take me by surprise. But I believe guys from Best Pillow Reviews have the point. A pillow can certainly suffocate a newborn which may lead to negative consequences. According to their research, the suitable age for toddlers to have their own pillows is above two years. Till then they are best suited in the cribs.

Pillow fight reflects emotions

pillow and emotions

Don’t you love it when two hot chicks use pillows as their shield and weapon of attack? But did you know it reflects a form of emotions? Hollywood directors have certainly picked on this trait as they have used it as one of the effective tools of their arsenal. During a pillow fight, the number of feathers dripped from pillow was directly proportional to the conflict that the audience enjoyed on the big screen.

Pillows were publicly available only in the 19th century

Can you imagine your life without a soft puffy pillow? I can’t. This may not come to you as a surprise that our great forefathers perhaps didn’t have the luxury of using a pillow. Like I mentioned before it was a thing for rich people. Only after the Industrial Revolution that started in the 19th Century, things started to change. Due to technological advancement, pillows were able to be produced in mass which made it affordable and readily available to general public.

Health benefits of Pillows was discovered by Chinese

Ancient Pillow

You probably have heard stuff like, keep your pillow clean, or wash your pillow. And you might have also seen many adverts that suggest that their pillows have the materials directly related to health benefits. While there are pillows like herb-infused pillows and magnetic pillows that offer health privilege, the discovery was probably made by the Chinese. They were the supporter of hard pillows as they believed it brought intellect and health benefits. They also agreed to the fact that jade pillow increases intelligence.

So, here are 5 fascinating facts about pillows that will probably make you snuggle that cute little baby of yours. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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