5 soul crushing songs of Late Fredo Santana that will make you miss him more!

On 19 January 2018, we saw an end of one of the most uprising and talented rapper, Fredo Santana.

According to TMZ, the Chicago born rapper was found dead by his girlfriend at around 11:30 PM.

Although the official cause of death isn’t revealed, fans believe the high dosage of “Lean” may have been the culprit.

Lean is a prescription-strength conception of codeine and promethazine whose high dosage leads to liver failure and seizure.

Fredo had welcomed his newborn, Legend just last June. And, now he is gone!

Though he is gone far away, he has left his memories in his songs.

Here are our picks of Fredo Santana’s best songs:

1. Bird Talk


2. It’s only right


3. I need More


4. Jealous Ft Kendrick Lamar



5. War

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