Dr Edward Cotner Biography: Know Everything about Megyn Price Husband

Megyn Price has hardly put a foot wrong after debuting in early 1990s. The Grounded for Life start doesn’t

need an introduction. She owns a household name purely for her acting skills in the big as well as small screens.

But even the master of method acting couldn’t stay grounded with one. After her divorce with fellow Scrubs

creator Bill Lawrence, she eventually settled with Dr Edward Cotner. However some news denies the fact she was married before and believes she has been with Edward from high school. Well, the couple are silent about it. So as long as they break the silence we may never know.

So who is this guy that stole the heart of Miss Claudia Finnerty?

Here we break down the biography of Dr Edward Cotner from his personal to professional lifestyle.


dr edward cotner

Most people would refer Edward Cotner as the lucky guy who married Megyn Price. But little know that he is a

accomplished self made man. Corner is actively working in Santa Barbara, California as an emergency medicine


Professional Background of Megyn Price’s Husband

Dr Edward Cotner took his medical education & training from University of Maryland School of Medicine in baltimore and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in california.

His credentialed facilities are associated with GoletaValley Cottage Hospital and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

He has been practicing medicine for over 15 years now and is one of the top 25 doctors in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital whose specialisation is emergency medicine.

Relation Stature of Dr Edward Cotner and Megyn Price.

megyn price cowboy countdown

Before Price even dated Bill Lawrence, she used to be in a relationship with Dr Cotner who went to the same high school – Norman High School in Oklahoma.

This is a true example of first love and inspiration for many who still want to get back with their ex.

As the legend says if it’s meant to happen it will happen. This is the exact scenario that describes this wonderful

couple. Even though they had a separate successful career, they reunited to lead a happy life.

When asked about his husband to megyn, this is what she told CBS:

He’s my best friend, the greatest dad, a brilliant doctor, an incredible cook, a mechanic, an artist, a gardener, an athlete, a brainiac without being a know-it-all, hilariously funny AND he’s the cutest guy I’ve ever known

Megyn Price and Dr Edward Cotner Children


After dating for a year, the couple tied knot in 2005 with a simple wedding. Right after two years of their marriage,they had their first baby princess – Grace Cotner.

She is often seen tagging along with her parents in various shows and venues. The family looks uptight and happily married till this date.

Megyn doesn’t have a kid from her former husband. When asked about the best part of being a mom, Megyn told Getting to hang out with my girl and see the world through her eyes. She’s un-jaded in the extreme and finds beauty wherever she goes, especially in public restrooms…YUCK!”

Net Worth of Dr Edward Cotner

Although the information is discrete, it’s said that he makes around $250k annually. However, as her wife earns a whooping $1.5 million, his salary might be appropriately dispersed among the family.

We tried to bring as much information on the table as possible. If you have any more information about Dr Cotner, lay it down in the comment section.

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