Mark Isaiah: Biography & Wiki of Voice Contestant

Mark Isaiah is an American songwriter turned singer notably known for his participation in the season 12 of US’s TV Series,”The Voice.”

The Voice has never been a GO-TO platform for the aspiring singers, as critics complain that it doesn’t produce the quality like its counterparts.

Whether it’s Jennifer Hudson (came from American Idol) or One Direction (came from X Factor UK), the reality music shows have always been productive for newcomers. However, you can’t say the same thing about, “The Voice.”

But the fans were skeptical about Mark as they believed that he could be the first break out star coming from the Voice.

Unfortunately, the dream was short lived. And, we rarely see him in any events last being the Sherman Theatre in November. But, we can’t take the fact that he is a talented singer.

And, It is Weird is here with everything you need to know about Voice’s Season 12 contestant,” Mark Isaiah.”

Mark Isaiah’s Early Background, Education & Family

Mark Isaiah (born as Mark Isaiah Peralta) was born on May 4, 1977, to Robinson Peralta and Frachely Peralta. He was born and raised in New York before his family decided to flip to New Jersey for better career opportunities. He now resides in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.

Mark did his high schooling from East Stroudsburg South High School in 2015. His father Robinson is a serial entrepreneur while his mother Franchely is a registered nurse. The 20-year-old also has a younger brother, Robinson Jacob Peralta who like his brother follows music passionately.

Mark Isaiah childhood to adulthood photo

Talking about his high school life, he expressed the desire to change as a teen. Simply because he was overweight and had the consent pressure from his peer due to his shy nature.

In an interview, he told how he lost 40 pounds and transformed it into a different dimension of self-confidence.

“That was the best thing that happened to me. One step to change,” said Isaiah.

Isaiah’s Career in Music: How did it all start?

Now we all know that Mark auditioned for Voice and was on Adam’s team. But the glimpses of his talent was seen at an early age. At the age of 14, he participated in a national singing competition where the winner would have the chance of taking their family to the movie premiere of “Never Say Never.”

And guess what?

He won the competition and took his family to Los Angeles for the movie screening. The kind of treatment he received from just one competition was enough for him to drive his career to music. I felt like a star even getting to walk on the purple carpet, said Isaiah. This was the moment when he knew he needs to change.

From then on, he started working out to lose the excess weight. After reaching his ideal weight goal, he started performing in front of various masses. Isaiah worked on various cover songs and also wrote his own songs.

Here is a shadow of his talent on the cover song of Shawn Mendis.

Mark’s Family is his biggest fan

When your entire family is singing along with you and cheering, you know that they are well behind you. This is exactly what we saw during Mark’s blind audition.

Mark too revealed in the voice that his main intention of coming to the show was to make his parents proud. He told a local magazine at Pocono that his mother is an amazing worship singer and often the mother-son duo perform in the church. His father too though being an entrepreneur has a passion for salsa.

Mark believes that he feels like it’s his responsibility to fill his parents’ dreams that they couldn’t pursue because they had to put food on the table for him and his younger brother.

Personal Life: Comparision to Shawn Mendes

Since his first audition, fans have made a bridge out of Shawn and Mark’s comparison. Not only does he have a cheeky little smile like Shawn but his voice too has the flair of Mendes in it. Apart from appearance and voice, both are songwriters. And often share their music in the social media.

At the moment we don’t have any information on Mark’s dating life. But with his looks and voice, it would be hard to believe that he is single. Mark also runs his own website, where he shares his events as well as media news.

His Bio on Instagram and Twitter says that he is also an actor and has been pursuing few projects of his own.

So there it is, everything we know about the upcoming star, Mark Isaiah. We hope that he could make inroads in the field of music sooner rather than later.

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