Quinn Lundberg Biography, wiki, age, net worth, and everything you didn’t know

Quinn? The word may be intriguing for DC’s fan but surely guys this isn’t a DC character.

Quinn Lundberg is more often than not known due to her goofy little husband, Zach Galifianakis.

Don’t know who Zach is? Well, then you probably missed one of the best comedic movie series, Hangover.

Does it ring a bell?

Okay now, we are talking. It’s the guy who is notoriously crazy and mostly high on substances.

Gotcha ya.

However, this posts more about her wife Quinn Lundberg or most internet guys would call – “The Wag.”

So, who is Quinn Lundberg?

Quinn Lundberg: What’s her story?

Quinn Lundberg’s actual name is Mary Quinn Lundberg. She was born in Canada Edmonton, Alberta in 1983. We haven’t heard the exact date of birth from the 34-year-old Quinn or her husband Zach. She holds a degree in International Conflict Resolution from Hunter College, NYC. During her college days, she volunteered with UNICEP giving her the extra edge over writing and editing skills.

After graduating in 2010, she decided to travel the third world nations like Bosnia, Africa, and Afghanistan that laid a strong foundation for her community-based projects and grassroots organizations.

She is also a trained dancer and has a specific dance skill sets that she believes helps her connect with individuals and assist in conflict rehabilitation. According to the insider, she was also offered an opportunity to showcase her dancing skills in front of Canadian peacekeeping troops in Bosnia. She also studied Public Policy in UCLA.

Well, looks like Zach has a great catch!

Mary Quinn’s Professional Career and Net worth

After pursuing her degree and humanitarian skillets, Quinn along with her friend Melissa Leschuck started a charity known as Growing Voices. We don’t know the exact date of its registration, but the organization came to life on October 29, 2008.  Now she works as the vice president of the organization operating from LA headquarters.

Growing Voices was supremely motivated with a vision to encourage independence, empowerment, and economic growth among the communities. It’s a nonprofit organization whose anatomy revolves around gifting items specific to the projects. They customise the gifts by purchasing tangible products that the community grassroots organization needs. Travel and educational background have certainly helped Growing Voices to a kickstart.

As far as net worth is concerned, the sources haven’t claimed anything. However, the growing popularity of Growing Voices along with Zach’s tie-up has risen her net worth significantly. If you have any sources that claim her net worth, just stare it and help your fellow celeb geeks.

Zach Galifianakis and Quinn Lundberg: Secret Marriage and Family

After being in a relationship with Quinn for a really long time, they decided to tie a knot on 11 August 2012. Just like every other celebrity, the wedding ceremony of Zach and Quinn was super private. It was held at UBC Farm at 4 P.M and only lasted for 30 minutes which tells you exactly how intense it would have been. The sources claim that they had their reception in a local restaurant.

As far as personal life is concerned, Zach and Quinn know how to keep it private. They hardly reveal anything to the media. But Zach has always shown his interest in being the father. “I’m Strict. And I have a strict exercise routine for him even though he is just 2” says the Hangover start.  At the moment, he has two kids but expresses his desire of having at least 10 kids.

I know that’s an exaggeration by Zach but hey there may be that crazy Alan inside him.

Social Media Presence

We scanned through her organization profile and even hacked the advanced search operators to seek her social handles. But looks like she isn’t using any. Or perhaps under an anonymous image. Who knows?

Writer’s voice: So, we try to bring out the best outlet for unknown celebrities, but we too miss out on something. So, if you think we haven’t covered some criteria, give us feedback in the comments below.

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