Sanne Hamers: Biography and Wiki of Wyatt Russell


Sanne Hamers is an American stylist better known as the wife of former Ice Hockey player turned actor, Wyatt Russell.

Wyatt is the only biological son of veteran actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn (partner since 1983). He is also brother to Hollywood stars like Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.

Personal Life of Sanne Hamers

Sanne and Wyatt in the beach

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Sanne Hamers met Wyatt in 2010 at a Salsa Bar in Holland. The couple instantly hit off and started dating. After 2 years of dating, Wyatt tied the knot with the American stylist on March 14, 2012.  

The couple doesn’t have any kids till this date. Sanne once lived in an upscale mobile home in a Malibu trailer park with his husband and brother-in-law, Boston Russell along with two dogs.

She is the daughter in law of two of the greats of Bollywood, Kurt Russell, and Goldie Hawn. And sister in law of megastars like Kate and Oliver Hudson. Her other brother in law is Boston Russell who is a Hollywood outcast.

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Sanne Hamers and Wyatt Russell Divorce Rumours

According to Radar Online, the duo of Sanne Hamers and Wyatt Russell are into the final steps of divorce proceedings after 5 years of marriage. The divorce was lodged on March 2, 2015.

As per the documents submitted to the court, the couple has both relinquished their rights to spousal support.

Sanne Hamers will only get $25000 that is equivalent to her previous student loan. She also has the complete ownership of her artworks, jewelry, screenplay, ideas, and any personal belongings.

Russell, however, gets to take the mobile home of Pacific Palisades, Toyota Tundra Truck, and all the luxurious items owned previously by Wyatt.

Wyatt and Meredith Hagner Affair

Meredith Hagner with Wyatt Russell in the Maui Film Festival

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Well, there were all sorts of rumors that Wyatt and Meredith’s affair have spiced up the relationship between Sanne and Wyatt.

But clearly, the divorce speculations have nothing to do with Meredith Hagner. Russell met Hagner on the sets of Folk Hero & Funny Guy which was released in 2016. However, the divorce petition was already filed in early 2015.

So it’s certain that Meredith Hagner has no hands behind the split up.

Wyatt Russell and Family Background

From a small age of 4, Wyatt had the hunger for ice hockey. He pursued his passion and soon landed the Goaltender position in various amateur hockey teams. But just at the age of 21, he had already suffered 5 concussions. This led to his reluctant retirement from the sport.

Wyatt never wanted to be an actor. However, in the midst of “What I love” and “risk of doing of what I love”, he had to choose the second half.

“The last thing I wanted to do was an act because it was the path of least resistance,” he recalled, sipping coffee at Patrick’s Roadhouse.

He then took a 6-week summer directing program at USC that led way for his acting career. His first breakthrough role was in 22 Jump Street which was a commercial hit.


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Talking about Russell’s family, he comes from a family pack of Hollywood legends. Starting from his grandfather the great Bing Russell who started working since the 50s.

Wyatt’s father and mother both are seasoned actors who have shined on movies like Swing Shift and Overboard. Russell’s sister and brother, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson too are well-profound artists in the acting business.

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