This is why you shouldn’t get under the skin of the Jennifer Lawrence’s Fan

The notorious Razzie Awards have been on social media troll attacks for its controversial contents.

Notably, its Award Nominations have been subject to anger and threats by the fans who haven’t taken the humor politely.

This is exactly what happened when The Abominable Golden Raspberry Awards (the Razzies) announced its nominations for the Hollywood’s Worst on Monday.

To give props to the Razzies, their list did make some sense. I mean after going through 4 Transformers movies, we certainly didn’t want the fifth installment.

But the twist in the plot came after “Mother” received a nomination for worst director. And Jennifer bagged a nomination of her own rights, the worst actress.

The parody award kicked off with its product promotion that stated,”How to protect Humanity from Razzie Toxic Waste.”

Then it goes on for a minute explaining about Razzie Hazardous waste and its effect on human health.

The mock award night saw seven nominations for the fifth transformer including worst picture, worst actor, and worst actress.

But it was Lawrence fans that went nuts about her nomination.


AND things started to heat up more!

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