Russian Mom Gone Crazy

Someone really needs to call a doc for this young lady who is out her senses

I can’t tell what’s wrong with these Russian Women. Not being racist at all, but looking at the broad picture of humanity, I seriously think they need a brain test to be done ASAP.

She is swinging a toddler who shouldn’t be more than 2 years old like she would swing a rope band. She is foolishly laughing and jerking with the kid which could have resulted in limb fracture. The video looks shocking as you can see even in the thumbnail that the environment doesn’t look like something that would call for messing around. It’s freezing cold and the delicate nugget is all naked. The way she is treating him, it doesn’t call for a normal brain. This doesn’t look like the time to go for a polar plunge but still the “Mom” doesn’t seem to care at all.

What’s more shameful is the women shooting this whole video with a grin on her face. You can actually hear her mumbling and laughing frequently reflecting like she was in some sort of show.

What would you say about this crazy mother? Do let us know in the comments below

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