Teenage Kid ate 3 detergent Pods. This is what happened to his lungs

One really has to be utter stupidity to eat detergent pods.  And that too 3! That’s downright lame.

But that’s what a teenage kid named J.R(full name not enclosed) did. We have all been the victim of rushing blood during the teenage period.But even in the worst case of mind, you should know that some commodity is not edible.

Like with most obscure acts, this too started with a group of friends trying to pull of prank of popularity. J.R and his friends had the challenge in which they have to eat food that’s not recommended for eating. Then they have to share it on social media and the post gets most shares wins!

Oh common! I mean seriously kids. Who in the right mind does that? You aren’t a freaking toddler. You should know what’s right or wrong. You can read, right?

Or are you pretending to be this guy:


Nevertheless, the kid then pulls out three pods and starts swallowing all of them at once.

His body then starts acting weird. The lips turn blue and the vomit is all over the sink.

The aftermath is horrendous and not for the faint heart.

Here is the video coverage of the whole story.

We don’t know why this kind of incidents mostly happen with our kids in the US

Are we not teaching our kids properly?

Or is the world referring to us as stupid practically correct?

Whatever it is, we as parents need to take steps to prevent this kind of things from happening again and again!

What suggestions do you think would help prevent this?

Let us know in the comments below.

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