16 year old pulls off a stunning flair whip, Hard to believe!

Ever wanted to be a BMX rider when you were a kid?

Well, I did. Whenever I had time out of my school, I used to hop on to my oldie (Bike), and STREET was my home. But surely I lacked talent as I could saw myself pushing in other direction.

But talent isn’t an issue for this 16-year-old kid from the United Kingdom.

The video starts with the group of four young lads leaving the UK to Holland.

For what?

Yes! to have some free street rolling. Apparently, that’s what they do according to the anchor of the video.

The video goes through key moments like warming up before the big jump (which is really IMPORTANT if you are new to this).

Then the kid finishes with a super flair whip.

You got to watch this to believe it.

Your reaction will be similar to his friends who were stunned!!

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