5 Facts about Hulk Hogan we bet you didn’t knew

Hulk Hogan – Mr. America, Hollywood Hogan, you name the gimmick, the guy has earned a household name in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s about marrying his daughter look alike Jennifer McDaniel or winning 140 million bounties against Gawker the 2.1-meter hunk has always been the enigma of controversy. So …

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Ice Cube Family: 5 Facts You may not know

ice cube wife kimberly kids

The multi million rapper turned actor O’Shea Jackson better known for his stage name Ice Cube needs no introduction. The self made man and charismatic star has always been open about his family especially about his wife Kimberly Woodruff Jackson. So here in this post, we reveal the 5 facts about Ice …

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5 Quick Facts about Katherine Timpf

The host of newly broadcasted television show – The Kat Timpf Show and star contributor at Fox News, Katherine Timpf doesn’t need any introduction in the global news market. Her work and columns are considered as one of the best out there with columns dedicated more toward satirical perspective. However, …

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