5 Weird Facts about Russian Woman


Russians as other Slavic nation seem to have always been separated from us with an invisible boundary. Well, there are just too many differences between their culture and a modern Western world. However, unexplored does not mean bad. Today we offer you 5 most weird facts about Russian women. Men …

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Mark Isaiah: Biography & Wiki of Voice Contestant


Mark Isaiah is an American songwriter turned singer notably known for his participation in the season 12 of US’s TV Series,”The Voice.” The Voice has never been a GO-TO platform for the aspiring singers, as critics complain that it doesn’t produce the quality like its counterparts. Whether it’s Jennifer Hudson …

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5 weird smartphone facts that you never knew existed


Smartphones have firmly entered our daily lives, and now they’re associated with dozens of different rumours, though many of which aren’t true. It may seem that we already know everything about smartphones: what they are made of, what processor they have on board, how much memory they have, and so …

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